Under the Wood

I have a new mobile number.

I am unwell at the moment.

I am fed up of human beings

The world is a complex video game like matrix. We cannot die. We just respawn in a different place.

You can change reality.

You are creating the world we live in.

You can change the world we live in.

I am the world I live in.

I’m going to be purchasing some kind of reptile on Friday so stay tuned and I will spoil you by attempting to upload pictures again on the day. Friday the 14th.

Recent reports suggest the moon is a 3d projection coming out of China’s Wuhan ass. Other sources corroborate what is being said about a so called pandemic, that there are more variants than there are genders. Potential conflict in the middle east again as a woman attempts to drive a car, and then the country is nominated to host the World Cup. Who said selective dictatorship wasn’t fun?

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