Colin: Movie Review!

Bang, another memorable British zombie movie. It’s time for the Wizard to review yet another zombie movie. £$@& me it’s intolerable at this point. Someone, just give him a box of zombie movies and he’ll be happy to watch and review in his own time, not mine! Let’s get ready for a low budget movie with potential.

The basic facts, as usual: It’s a 2009 release in the UK and probably won’t be remembered quite like Dawn of the Dead, but yeah, whatevers. There’s a review on this site somewhere for The Battery, which I do highly recommend. Can you believe Colin had a budget was £45? I think that was for the camera and no, I’m not kidding. No, the camera used was a standard definition Panasonic mini-dvcamcorder. 2009, many years ago now. 1 hour 37 minute run time.

What we have here is zombie apocalypse viewing focusing on one man, Colin… undead man. It is literally a dark film with poor lighting but this could be intentional. It also reminded me of 28 Days Later. I think I watched this when it came out. Anyway it wasn’t as bad as I thought. At times a little hard to understand and follow, and other times quite scary.

I’ll start with the pros, it does capture the dark atmosphere of an apocalypse and the zombies seem to come thick and fast. It also focuses on other human elements like emotions and other breakdowns of society. The acting is okay, I didn’t feel like it needed to be great as the themes and setting were enough to provide the horror. Quite incredible really considering the budget. It’s set in England and I love England when its the set piece for zombies. Colin is dead, and has to endure a lot but is not too unlikeable to make me think, what is the point? I was wondering what the end was going to be like. It’s essentially his journey into the afterlife, watching society and people crumble around him.

The cons. Being slightly difficult to see at times due to low light, and not having a clear direction other than following Colin on his journey as a zombie. I also found the ending slightly confusing, maybe I did not pay enough attention. Although the budget was £45, the makeup and such must have cost more than this, and there are a lot of people involved, which makes me wonder why they didn’t invest in a light.

Going back to the 28 Days Later, shot using a Canon XL1 mini dv, it has that dark, grainy finish, from a low quality camera. Many people think it makes the film look terrible, well no, it adds to the atmosphere and in Colin, it does the same albeit using a different camera.

I will recommend this film as decent and worth watching if you like indie movies and lower budget horror. Being slightly generous with this one, as I originally gave it 3 stars.

My overall rating: 3.5/5

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

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