Tell Wizard, What Keeps you Going?

What keeps you going?

On the rough road


uncertainty lie ahead

and pickled jar on lap

a corner

fog and black

where do we turn?

Once upon a time, not so long ago

I pulled myself out of a pit

Pushed aside the shadows

and ignored those damned night crawlers

I decided to be myself and enjoy life

and then again, things went wrong

this time the whole world was crumbling

not from crisis

from their own selfish destruction

reeking havoc on others

and once again I’m fighting

pushing against the tide

and the light this time is far away

not getting any closer

and I tried to reach that place again

but the days have gone

and I have to try my hardest

I found it

but the journey was hard

and it is not the same

like a wonky lemon

you can’t carve a broken bone

nor drink blood

or cast spells

to make it right

resurrections of the nostalgia

just be.

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