Spoke Through Images. My Fast Begins!

Look in the mirror, my friend.
An enduring pattern of behavior characterised by disregard for, and violation of, the rights of others. No known cure.
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Your shadow is never too far away.
Nick Brewer credited.

Currently working on my own piano piece at the moment. I have a electronic keyboard but it will simulate grand piano along with various other sounds. The reason I like the Zombie Army Trilogy sound track so much is that I had a great time playing the game a few years ago, and it was the songs that made it extra special because they sound quite simple and I like that. It also reminds me of the Black Ops zombie theme. I don’t write music for any purpose but comparing mine to that of published artists I’m probably good at writing music for games, again simplicity, which makes game music more memorable.

I’ll try and get some pictures up when I get chance. I don’t have a way to transfer from phone to laptop yet!

You are wondering what this post is about, right? It is tied into what I said in the last post. I can’t explain it or that would ruin the point. I’ll give you a question so you can ponder what it means.

If you knew that the world was nothing but a playground for an alien race, would that change your view of the world?

I am also starting my fast today. Technically I started last night. My goal is to get to Saturday 10pm which would make it a 72 hour fast or 3 days. I have done fasts in the past and considerably longer than 72 hours. I am starting them again for the new year along with starting my vegan journey once again. I’m not taking notice of veganuary, I want to do it long term as I have before. I’m also not taking notice of dry January, haahahhaah what a joke! Stopping or starting something for one month will do nothing and benefits only the individuals involved, it does not benefit society or the earth, so one month of plant based foods does not make you an eco warrior nor does abstaining from alcohol make you a bloody martyr! Amen.

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