When You Discover the Truth

Part 1: The Great Dismay

There is only one life

and that one life

we meet a lot of people

we do a lot of things

but who really cares for you?

I once believed it true

And now there is nothing

I am never in good health

When I’m up I’ll be down

Soon enough you’ll see me drown

Where do we all go

What exactly is behind the universal show

Who will we forever know

No more

There is one life

And I don’t want hate

Or feelings of guilt

I want peace and acceptance

Accept one another

Do not judge

Be forever

United in acceptance

Move the cursor

Prepare to live

This one life

Where it is better to give

Part 2: I can’t forget my dreams

You will never read this

Nobody will ever see this

Is the end

I have not given enough

And I await nothing more

You will never see this

I will never see you

Maybe I’m just down all the time

Or out of time

To save the people

Who have now gone

When I could have

With courage

Hanged upon the changes

That would have changed the moment

Part 3: Eternal goodbye


Angels took me to heaven

All I saw was …

But returned


They forever protect me

From wrongs

And defend the innocent


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