5 Days Left

2018 was the best year so far for me. Every year since has been forgettable. I saw Genesis in September which was the highlight of the last 3 years.

Reflecting on 2021 it seems that the evil is growing stronger and ruining both the earth and the good people. Hopefully in the new year we can burn those evil people in a small room.

It’s been one rule for them and one rule for us. One rule for the bad and another for the good. Don’t do the right thing and make sure to obey stupid rules on masks, but then walk down a street with knives and drugs and don’t worry, you will get away with that. Mask wearing is a bigger priority than the pedophile rings in parliament.

Also, if you are a celebrity like Katie Price, you can drink drive as much as you want, crash as much as you want and avoid jail for a repeat offence. After the crash she was examined and the doctor asked how many fingers he was holding up. She said, “fuck me I’m paralysed from the waist down.”

Don’t forget the greatest leader of the free world, forget me not Biden. I think Biden has had more memory lapses and holes in consciousness than Oscar Pistorius shot through his bathroom door.

Oh, and the space race and Elon and his Musketeers. Richard Branson came back from the big black space with a bigger smile than he had when he and Jeffrey Epstein was at Harvey Weinstein’s party on Necker island. Elon just sat that talking casually about implanting chips into our brains whilst simultaneously smoking public subsidized cannabis.

When you enter the new year, continue to slave away, pay money to people for nothing, pay money to energy companies for invisible electric and invisible gas. Agree to slave contracts from your employer. Tell your children that the education system – a joke – is good for them to have a good education and get a good job (NOT). Make sure you continue to produce slave babies for the evil that runs the world. Continue to pay your rent or mortgage which you credited yourself with. Continue to buy poor quality food from the supermarkets and stores instead of growing your own. Wear branded clothing produced in sweatshops. Smoke, drink, take drugs, steal, lie, hurt people, all the usual stuff. Be sure to threaten, intimidate and harass anyone who does not accept the government or system as a loving caring entity, instead of the evil soul sucking money hole that it is. Be sure to push the cult agenda on your families by indoctrinating them through tv and film, games, shopping, advertisements and certain phrases, please.

What is going to happen in the new year?

Be the change you want to see in the world.

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