Vegan Horlicks – Recommended Winter Beverage

It’s the first day of winter. Welcome everybody! I recently purchased a rather large tub of Vegan Horlicks malty drink.

Since I only drink oat milk, I decided to use this. You have to scoop 3 teaspoons of the Horlicks powder for the perfect drink. Being conscious of the amount of sugar in the product, I opted for 1 teaspoon and I found it full of flavour.

So, heat the milk up, or oat milk or whatever, but do not boil. Simmering would be ideal and only for a moment. Go ahead and mix the heated liquid of choice into the powder. Should look rather creamy or like a hot milkshake.

Honestly, cannot go wrong with this at bedtime. Add some ginger, cinnamon or even whipped cream for more festive fun.

Below is a link to the recipe from Horlicks for the banoffee pie frappe. I don’t think Horlicks is entirely for bedtime, so I’m going to try one in the morning on Christmas eve.

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