Celebrate Life in (……)

As the year is starting to come to a close, I have a few things to say. When the day grows cold, you have little time left to play.

Building tensions, drop. Drop, then grow, from the soil. Water, sun, spring. Many months of transformation. Every vibration bringing up closer to the edge of the universe. Every year, moving up a level. How many levels does this world have?

I like to remember what I did well in the year. I like to learn from what I haven’t done so well, and take what others have taught me, and move on. I don’t hold onto the past, or try to predict the future, there is only now, and never more.

A month can feel like a lifetime. But a year is a lifetime. A day is infinite, a never ending cycle. You don’t grow old, you don’t forget, you don’t regret and you certainly will get to meet, the light.

The light, fondly shimmering around a black mass, collectively highlighting our biggest life. No light without darkness, and no end without beginning. Say goodbye, goodbye world, the end is hear. Do not worry about what the cycle will do next, or whether the sun will rise, or whether you come or go, or will be hungry or poor, you will be forgiven.

Our sins bind us to our bodies. To be human is to be in sin. Souls come from the outskirts of our imagination, from Gods hands. The journey back is the long road. So when the time comes, be free of fear or lust or desires, and be.

Be free

Human will go forth

Soul has been found

It sits in the sin of clouds

Where the angels sing

Where new year bells ping

Life in

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