A Random Mixture to Brighten Your Day

Delightfully British quintessential.

“Delila, who’s cooking meat?”

“I can’t smell ******* meat!”

“Must be the news.”

“Dad, what’s for dinner?”


“I heard that, this is a meat free vegan household we don’t participate in the killing of animals.”

“Sorry it was a joke, gotcha. Listen, son, keep this between us.”

“I can’t I want some too, I’m starving.”


AND, the story goes on and on. Jingo.

Do you know that muffins have the most delicious center? Maybe I need to remind you all of this. Get some muffins this Christmas. Skip the turkey, its out of fashion and eat a lump of mashed avocado on toast. Save the animals and kill the rainforests while you eat, now that’s multi tasking.

Want to see my face? British. Quite.

I assure you, my hair is not green, and my face is not purple.

I can’t guarantee the tongue or stars in my eyes.

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