It’s an awfully dull and rainy morning. It has rained most of the night. I haven’t slept. Life goes on, let’s party?

I have my mock drafting assessment due on the 10th December, my real conference assessment on the 13th and 1 more in person ‘lesson’ this coming Thursday (tomorrow). So, a real busy week. Then I am off for Christmas!

Wait, did you not hear the news? I found out through hearsay. Apparently Christmas is cancelled. Interesting… I didn’t realise cancel culture had gotten so out of hand. They can cancel all the celebs they want, but the fatman? No! Nobody cancels the bearded red and white chimney sweep. Also, a lot of women will be disappointed this year if he can’t squeeze in through the back door… Oh, I thought we were over that censor ********?

I am glad to announce that I bought Back 4 Blood recently. I installed and started playing on Saturday. This means a thick and tasty review is coming your way as soon as I have completed it. I intend to mention all the flaws and such. Just a sneak peek, I really enjoyed a certain bar scene mission, involving lots of zombies and lots of fun! Good zombie, play dead, good boy.

If the country is facing a huge devastating winter with zero chance of recovery, we can be certain this is the end. They will kill us all before they let the economy collapse. Pride over humility, and arrogance of justice.

If there was ever a better time to say this, so long, and thanks for all the fish.

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