Why am I Hungry at night?

I think it is down to being colder, autumnal blues as I said. I am also awake at 3am and waiting for my meal to arrive from fast food joint.

On a side note, does one get more hungry after sex? I recall reading this a while back. Another explanation is that I haven’t eaten enough today. I totally agree. I haven’t. In fact, I haven’t had a single bite to eat, but why?

My body simply isn’t hungry. Desires, carnal and fleeting, can be dealt with. Need food? Eat. Feeling depressed? Try exercise. Every problem has a solution and every day we face different problems.

Why am I hungry at night? I’m glad I asked myself this question. A little voice failed to answer me. Also, why is there such a big focus at the moment on the increasingly political adverts from some huge supermarket brands? Did you see those commercials? I watched them on YouTube. Can’t say I care much about the recent controversial Santa sick advert.

Let’s all do us a favour, yeah? Stop with the politicalisation of potentially dangerous information, when it’s not a supermarkets place to concern themselves with such matters.

I have 1 more on campus workshop next Thursday. I then have my conferencing assessment on the 13th December. I also have a mock drafting assessment to complete this week, I believe on breach of contract. Hopefully I am not stupid and can pass. I am so hard on myself.

I Love you all passively.

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