Sorry there has been a breach of the Wizard lair.

I logged onto Psychedelicwizard and found a post relating to a certain company called Uber. I have no idea who managed to hack into my site but I am glad that all they posted about was this company.

I am also aware that the post garnered some likes which is rather flattering. Do not fear I have secured my account using an ultra super duper mega 21st century password that only the Wizard knows.

Please don’t mess with the Wizard. I know who you are now.

Let’s end with a bedtime story…

… I had a conference practice today. The day has generally been quite tiring. Shorter days and cold misty mornings as I tirelessly pull myself to the train at 7:45am.


If you could see my eye form a castle near the top of the moutain

would you also form such a magnificent building?

Knights with platinum cast swords smelted from fire.

The dark cold grasp of the most pitiful of liars!

Horses and hot lava, drip drip drop on thy crown…

and all the kings horses, they just fell down.

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