I Have Power

7am in the morning until 9pm at night.

I had a 12 hour day, all to most of it busy and occupied by something or another. I ended the evening by hoovering my bedroom and spare room after cleaning out 2 snake tanks. When I checked the clock, more like 9:13pm to be fair, I was surprised how much I had done. The feeling of changing from a suit to ‘normal clothes’ is such a relief.

Sounds crazy. This morning I was freezing my ass off in 4 Celsius. When I got home, it was still 4 Celsius. It had reached 1 Celsius by 9pm. England autumn, now prepping for winter.

The picture above was taken from Bing images. It isn’t mine, but it reminds me of a dream I had. In that dream I was walking through an empty field, and it was sunset and I could feel the breeze. I felt relieved. The dream was probably a reflection of my meditative mind. I don’t tend to have dreams like this anymore.

I spent about 2 hour browsing YouTube, watching videos by content creators I actually like, rather than random things. I usually listen to a couple of songs as well. Consolidation of the days work comes as soon as I get home, so when it does come to night time, I am free. As mentioned in another post, there is a lot of hours in the day and to occupy all of it with ‘work’ or similar is questionable. 12 hours today, for me, wasn’t all bad, it was just the time I was active rather than relaxing.

I’m starting to consider writing a small guide to meditation or stress relief, which will help other people, I guarantee it… for free of course.

I Have Power

Early rises

waxy blinkers

foggy melon

hazy skies

pillow no longer 

I have the power

it surges around me

from me

to my path ahead

keep me strong


You Can Do It.

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