Bound for the stars

One day, in the future, a future that many cannot see or comprehend, human kind sits unknowingly on the brink of extinction. One of us seeks to depart the earth, find a home, and save the human race.

The leaders stand tall on their pedestals, chanting their agenda into microphones for brainwashed nations to hear through their televisions.

Life goes on… we vote, we work, and we pay. We pay each and everyday. Without a clue, the calender is counting down, we have little time left.

Do you have your chips? Do you have your passes? Have you managed to upload aunt Sally to the server yet?

Comes crashing through space time, comes to our view, we feel the world quake.

All attention to the skies

all attention on the robotic minds

all attention on the end of time…

One by one, sheep slowly drift into the ships,

those who can see

can feel

the fear

the rage

of the ones left behind

of the ones who would not be subject to tormentors of time

The day has come

when the whole world would no longer stand as one

or be seen to be lying behind the lies

subdued by existential denial…

… Now they depart for the stars

loads of them are beating hearts

thinking minds

minds eye

can see a golden room

as the rock draws near

human kind no longer has any fear

obliterated from the record

no record of the damage

no memory of the events…

stuck in space,

wondering why

they had to tell so many lies

why the passes

and why all those little planets made of gases

environmental overload, oh no,

toxic food waste, oh no

just bad luck, oh no

let’s be all we can be

among the stars

behind the wall

of the tyrannical disguise

It draws to the end

and we can see

through smoke and fire

that angels are real

that alien men

were the first

to save us

that we were ticking

through time

like stagnant bots

becoming nothing but desire and desperation

in the voices of thousands of lost souls

yet we left the better half back to rot

in the core of the earth

from nothing but greed

but came light

sound madeth the world

sound made the stars

we still cannot figure out

who we are…

… we arrive. We have lost and found hope, through years of travel, of pain. There is a blue horizon, and lakes and trees, we can already smell the freshly grown daises. Behold our future.

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