Genesis ~ The Last Domino! – Manchester Arena

A brilliant show, fronted by music legend icon Phil Collins and bandmates Mike Rutherford and Tony Banks, this has to be one of the best concerts since touring became a thing, and one of the most memorable farewell tours I have ever witnessed.

After letting the events of the 24th September settle in, I’m back with a full review of the show! I want to share with you my feelings and what songs I enjoyed the most. Let’s not forget that these men are old and yet, they put on a show that young people can enjoy too. I also have some pictures of from my seat.

After being delayed from December 2020 to April 2021, and then pushed back to September 2021, I really was holding onto my seat in terms of seeing the show. There was a lot of variables that could have seen it cancelled. A member could have perished, the woke community could have considered it sexist to have an all male band on stage, the government could have imposed a crackdown upside down around town again.

Originally meant to attend with my dad as I know he liked Genesis as much as I do, unfortunately he passed last August so I went with somebody else. But I was proud of the concert that had been put on, they performed all of my favourite songs, I mean that, all of them, minus one, but in hindsight, it was out of place.

The show started later than expected, starting at just gone 9pm due to technical difficulties because a generator wasn’t working.

The setlist was this:

  • Behind the Lines, Duke’s end
  • Turn it on again
  • Mama
  • Land of confusion – excellent video to accompany
  • Home by the sea
  • Second Home by the sea – great video, played well
  • Fading lights (first two verses)
  • The cinema show (second half )
  • Afterglow
  • That’s all
  • The lamb lies down on broadway
  • Follow you, follow me
  • SET 2:
  • Duchess
  • No son of mine
  • Firth of fifth (second half instrumental part only) – really glad they did this albeit not all of it
  • I know what I like (In you wardrobe) including stagnation snippet – glad they included this
  • Domino – the highlight of the show in terms of music, video and lighting effects, a farewell to the world from Genesis
  • Throwing it all away
  • Tonight, tonight, tonight – one of my favourites, gritty
  • Invisible touch – everyone in the stadium seemed to go bananas for this, maybe they only knew 1 song… this one?
  • I can’t dance – great, except they really can’t dance now they are so old
  • Dancing with the moonlit knight (first verse) one of my favourites from Selling England by the Pound
  • The Carpet Crawlers

There was no break and the show played for 2 hours and 40 minutes. I didn’t want it to end. It was a magical experience. Without the lights and video and all the effects then it would have been half as great. Phil did a great job singing at his age and given his health conditions, sadly not being able to play the drums, although his son did an almighty fine job of it.

This show meant a lot to a considerable amount of people including me. It was a brilliant way to send themselves off, to bid farewell to a huge fanbase. They had more tour dates in the UK, but for me, the Manchester show will be the last show. After being mesmerised by politically relevant and gritty video on land of confusion, to the emotionally charged and powerful home by the sea, to a trip back in time to firth of fifth, tonight, tonight, tonight, and then the incredible crescendo of the beautiful DOMINO, it was magnificent. They may have made more money than they need, but it was worth it.

I had incredible seats too. I was set right next to the stage and the sound quality from the position was excellent. I also had the pleasure of seeing the band coming on and off stage first too, again, a real ‘fan’ experience. It was clear prior to the show starting that some had VIP tickets, but from looking at them, and I mean this in the most sincere way, they looked like spoilt college fund kids, I never saw anyone looking over 30 come from that back stage. Probably because all the old fans can’t afford those tickets, and the youngsters don’t really like the music, they just like the attention they get on social media for posting the pictures. Oh well, I know what I like.

The one song that still divides me is Duchess. I do like the song, it has a good anthem, but it is an overall dark song and has messages within that some may or may not recognise. Going back to the days when Phil Collins had a beard and used a long coat in those shady videos. Tonight, tonight, tonight, one of the more endearing songs from the band, is of the dangerous nightlife amongst the Hollywood streets. Back in the 90’s it was really dangerous, never mind now. Back then police response times were non existent because crime was so high in those particular areas. It could apply to anywhere though, but Genesis chose California, and have shot a few videos there.

What song did I want to hear? I really wanted In Too Deep. It was a pivotal song from Genesis, coming from them at a time of great change, when they went from famous infamous. The Invisible Touch album was extremely well received and it produced some of the more recognisable songs from the group.

Best selling album? That would be Selling England by the pound. For good reason too. This has to be a melody of rich progressive tones which articulate a fanciful story. Can you believe I first heard this around 21 years ago? It had already been out for years!

It is sad to see bands saying goodbye, but this show had an uplifting feeling, making me want to watch it forever. That is not possible, but the memories will be with me forever. Thank you Genesis for coming together for a final tour and satisfying us fans.

This is a tour for true fans, and true fans will love it. Go watch it on youtube already!

You get 1 photo, enjoy.

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