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I want to share this video I watched earlier tonight. When I initially clicked it, it was because I was interested in the Favela in the well known city of Rio De Janeiro and the vlogger has popped up before as a recommendation.

I got through about 10 minutes and it became clear that the video was about to showcase a day in the life of a vendor on the local beach. I am sharing because it was extremely well delivered and gets across a lot of important information which people should be aware of. It is also a little saddening. I am sorry, but I feel like this kind of journalism is the best. You won’t see any national news or tv channel doing this. The most they do is a documentary which will likely focus on danger, death, guns, drugs, violence and prositution.

If you watch this and think that having decent clothing and a mobile make you well off, and that there is no sympathy to be had, think again. The prices are different in south America, the goods are different and a lot are fake brands, which means poorer quality. Having a phone now is easy given the wide and varying amounts of makes and prices.

It felt like watching more than an hour of film, and the video just goes over. I think you will be enthralled by how interesting these types of vlogs are. I enjoy a lot of foreign youtube movies, by travelers. Mostly because it makes me appreciative of my own life and keeps me motivated.


2 thoughts on “A suggested video for you:

  1. Really enjoyed watching this. As you say, an excellent depiction of life in this area of Brazil. Easy, but, uncomfortable viewing. Thank you for sharing, not something I would ever normally see.

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