Catching the sunrise

Good morning all you loyal followers of Psychedelicized!

Up at 6:20am in anticipation of my alarm which was set to ring at 7am. I thought to myself, if I wait until the alarm goes off – buzzing – then I am more likely to a) be annoyed at the sound and b) avoid getting up for another hour or possibly not at all.

First official day on the campus for my course. I was experimenting with wake up times, starting with 5am for a while, then 6am, then a bit inbetween. Now I realise that 7am will be about right, or just before, as I need to be in Manchester city centre for 8:30 latest. Today is different, i have to be there on campus at least 30 minutes before the 9am start as to gather the ID badge and other materials. Probably some sort of induction.

I am glad I attended the tour back in August! Feels much more inviting when you have a brief idea of the layout. I also bought a nice leather backpack last month. It looks good in Italian leather, and has a usb cable to charge the phone on the move. I won’t be needing to use it as I don’t have a portable charger device or a smartphone (at the moment). It won’t be big enough to fit my books in I don’t think so I am looking to get a small suitcase that can accompany me… I will try to fit it all in the bag, sort of, for now at least.

Anyway, here is the poem – Sunrise

Sitting on yesterdays throw aways

Under the beams of your head

Nothing to do but be careful

Really don't know who I am

Is life so damned beautiful

Some say is not what it seems

Except I am left here waiting, waiting for you to be seen.

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