Teh ons wit sertificatez

I knew from Linkedin posts that my degree was probably delivered yesterday and sitting in my letterbox.

Where is my letterbox and how do I find that? Nobody told me how to do it…

Anyway it was, and now I have a certificate.

Wait, mommy, didn’t the scarecrow get a certificate at the end of the wizard of oz? Yes Shandelier, he did, and he also came to a great realisation.

Anonymous student: “Hang on, there’s a certificate at the end?”

I found the certificate in the letterbox within a card envelope. Printed in the lower corner the words, ‘certificate, do not bend.’ I wonder what would have happened had they sent it via tracked and signed? Would they have just dumped it outside the building to blow away in the wind?

I haven’t achieved anything in passing the course. I haven’t gained anything in receiving the diploma certificate. If anything, I have lost time, money and life that could have been better spent elsewhere.

Names blacked out for protection and to prevent copying.

I used a frame I already had, but I want to buy a black frame as it seems to match my tv stand better.

Here’s a shout out to all recent graduates, may your money have been better spent elsewhere.

What am I talking about? I am laughing all the way to the bank! Law is one of the few subjects worth doing at university along with medicine. Doctors and lawyers being some of the only careers left worth having an education for, essential!

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