Place Your Order… If you dare.

I decided to open a small café and you can order very basic meals. Pie and chips being the staple. Coffee is optional but always wanted. Tea is less desirable but nonetheless always sought after with biscuits, cake or scones in some variety of flavours with jam or butter. Welcome to Café Bleu!

We’ve run into a snag and the food health safety experts with high visibility vests and clipboards have given us a meager hygiene rating of:

Rating: 2 out of 5.

Please, do us at Café Bleu a solid and give us a good rating. Otherwise I fear those old folks are going to come back with red pens.

1 pie and chips – £3.50

1 pie, chips and coffee – £2.30 and/or coffee free…minus 0.81p discount if bought with the pie and chips deal

How was your experience? Reviews handled with confidence…

Enjoy and thanks for your custom.

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