The Failing Universal Credit System

It’s called universal credit because it’s designed to combine multiple state benefits into one. It is not called universal credit to blankety support people all over the country. On the contrary, the fairly new installation of the ‘universal credit’ system into England has been a complete and utter disgrace and catastrophe and proves beyond reasonable doubt that the UK government do not give a monkey **** about its sick and disable citizens. Please, do read on.

It has left millions struggling to pay rent, buy food and even heat their homes and yet, the government continues its blindfolded march over the disabled and vulnerable and single mothers who are depressed and stressed because they are being told to search and apply for work when, in reality that is both not possible or there simply isn’t work. Chase the cheese little mouse, so I can keep pulling it away from you.

Chase the cheese little mouse, so I can keep pulling it away from you

Those on this universal credit are subject to variations in their payments, so it could change each month depending on income. What if that single mother is working part time to supplement the poor amount she receives to feed her two children and then the government takes that away? She’s left worse off. Where will all the people with long term health conditions go when the lights go out and they can’t cook a microwave meal? Where does the conservative government stand… they stand aloof on top of a mountain of dead poor people, smoking cigars and waving their black flags. They are not in the dark about the reality of the situation, quite the opposite, just as with the legal aid ‘reforms’ they have blatantly lied and deceived the public so they can justify cut after cut after cut. They have hit the bone and they are still cutting.

A BBC article, Universal Credit failing millions of people, say peers, highlights the issues that universal credit is responsible for, such as “soaring rent arrears and the use of food banks”.

Labour government say that the system is “pushing people further into poverty and debt”… and The Lords report (The Lords’ Economic Affairs Committee) says “…cuts to social security budgets over the last 10 years had caused “widespread poverty and hardship”.


The system designed to implement this new welfare benefit is run by evil little minions. Claimants have to use an online journal system to communicate with them, and at the minions discretion, they get a response. They could be waiting over an hour on the phone, and the staff have been reported as ‘unfriendly and uncaring’ at best. This is the system the taxpayer funds, and those who find themselves having to claim will soon realise that the money was literally better off going straight into the claimants pockets.

Since the pandemic started and since March 2020, there has been a huge increase in new claims for universal credit of over 1.6 million. The Trussell Trust also found a strong connection between universal credit and food bank usage. In the executive summary, The Trussell Trust state that they are… “concerned that, given the links between Universal Credit, financial hardship, and foodbank use, this next stage could lead to increased financial need and more demand for foodbanks.”

These changes were implemented as early as 2012, with the introduction of the Welfare Reform Act 2012. This legislation combines the 6 big benefits into one. Granted that the system has been going for a few years without a full transition, however, over the last 3 years, they have pushed hard to get everyone who already claims the ‘legacy’ benefits onto the new universal credit. Claimants do not have a choice in some case, most do not consent, a basic right in the law. The right to be subject to legislation is at your consent. If you do not consent to it, the legislation should not apply to you. Many people are unaware of this, and again, it’s unlikely that it would work, because the system will oppress and ruin the lives of anyone trying fight for their rights. Those who can think and feel will be shut down, and those who obey and follow will be rewarded.

The United Kingdom is a first world, modern and developed country and yet, it will not help and assist the vulnerable so that can eat food. This is something we all need. Food banks rely on donations and most of the time volunteers. Where is the food bank going to source these people from when millions are struggling to feed themselves and where they simply haven’t got the time to volunteer? The agenda seems to be to paint a picture of this group of people and brainwash society into believing that they are worthless and deserving of nothing. Reminds me of Nazi Germany, you?

I totally disagree with how this government has approached and dealt with multiple areas of society. They have flipped a bed upside down and now refuse to clean up the sheets. They deliberately skew the public perceptions so that the cuts can be justified because half of the misinformed public are chanting outside the hospitals for more cuts and to kill off the sick and disabled.

To end, the new system is not working, does not support anyone and does not help to create a universal credit system. What it is doing, is creating a system of distress and worry for the most vulnerable, leaving them hungry and cold and without help. The legal aid cuts means that these individuals are on their own, unable to appeal decisions at tribunal and unable to do anything to fight the injustice. Is it too much to ask that the sick and the vulnerable are cared for and that they have a warm meal and warm bed at night?

This has been an article looking at the failures of the universal credit system.

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