I want to show you my balls.

I have yet to see any blue balls. Oh well, one can dream. Dream machine, now I know what I mean. Crisper.

Meet Gemini. She is my Enchi female, she is heavy around 1.5kg or more, she is shy and friendly, she is fast. Fast balls.

I haven’t got a camera so I had to try to take pictures with a separate webcam. After taking the 1st photo I quickly realised two things, a) that she is not staying still and photos are hard and b) that it’s impossible to operate the laptop, camera and hold the snake at the same time.

So, I put her back in the tank and managed to get two pictures. I could try again, when I have a phone with camera.

Royal pythons or ball python, are one of my ‘hobbies’. I enjoy keeping and caring for them. Sometimes they can be a pain, such as when changing their bedding, but I have bought tubs for them to go in or they can roam the room. My snakes have a room to themselves, completely escape proof. They could roam all day in there and they would be fine, obviously I would keep the window closed!

I am glad to be the carer of 5 royal pythons. 3 adults – 2 males and 1 female and 2 babies, both female. There is a breeding project on the horizon somewhere, but with the upcoming bar course I have to see how I feel about breeding them. It might be that there is time to start the project. Most likely, it will start next year after the course is finished. These snakes live up to 30 years so there is plenty of time. Females tend to get 4 to 6 ft and males around 3 to 4ft from my experience. They are docile and friendly snakes, completely child friendly, just make sure the snakes are used to human contact before giving a newborn to a toddler because the babies are nippy. Puffs chest up “I’ve been bitten by adult ball pythons yeah!” cries in corner.

Puffs chest up “I’ve been bitten by adult ball pythons yeah…” cries in corner

I hope you liked viewing my balls today.

If you want more pictures and snake content then like this post. Best wishes and stay safe.

4 thoughts on “I want to show you my balls.

    1. I think the ball pythons are great for getting used to snakes. They have individual personalities, most – if not nearly all, are docile and tend to be fairly forgiving to the nervous handler. I remember when I got my first and through many trials and tribulations, bridges were built. I build up the relationship with each new snake, but I’m at capacity at the moment and won’t add anymore until I’m in a big expensive house. Peace.

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      1. I’m happy to hear that, hehee I’ll still pass. They grow rather large, I would imagine room will be needed if you plan to breed them. We all have our pets that we love, yours just happen to slither along. ? How often do they shed their skin. Just curious.

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      2. They have a room to themselves at the moment, but in terms of babies, I can use some tubs I already have… again not until next year after this course. As for shedding, sometimes they can shed every couple of months or even 6 months apart. They also line up in their shed cycles which I find peculiar, so I could have 3 snakes shedding at once lol. They enter a ‘phase’ which can last 2 weeks when shedding.

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