I don’t know where it comes from, but the saying ‘the sky is the limit’ is ********

Good evening I hope you are all having a relaxing time and settling in for the night.

Who the heck ever came up with the saying the ‘sky’ is the limit? I’ve never liked it and I would never say that to someone.

Why? The reality, ready… ready for it… there is NO LIMIT. The only limit is what you tell yourself you can’t do. You can most likely do the majority of things you’d like to. Please don’t go thinking to yourself, “I want to go into space but I don’t have £250,000.”

You don’t need money to achieve something. You need determination. Without the ambition or drive you wouldn’t have gotten to where you are today. There is not a limit, there is no limit on what you want to do.

Don’t ever let someone tell you that you are not good enough, that you are not worthy, and that you should do something else. I get fed up of the young people who don’t even have the confidence or drive to aim to complete or enroll on a college course that appeals to them because they aren’t smart enough… Bo******! Who said you weren’t smart enough? Let me guess, you had someone make an off hand comment that it takes ‘real’ brains to get there or to complete it, and now you label yourself stupid. Wake up call: you have a brain in your head so start using it, **** the rest of the naysayers off and get on with it before you wake up and find yourself 40 years old.

To end this rather direct post, is a poem entitled Ambition

The courage to embrace the unknown

The faith to believe in yourself

The hand of God surely directing you with angels on guard

Chasing nothing and winning everything

You are not stonewalled by the arrogant

Nor are you revered by the successful 

You are on a thin line

That yellow brick road of desire

Sword of spirit

Light the way

Edit: Someone on twitter asked what you would buy if you were to become a millionaire. I replied with the following, but what would you buy?

“A hotdog, two packets of marbles, a lightsaber, golf balls, a pink hat, a small dog, a staircase and a gravestone.”

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