Summer Non Existent?

I woke up at 7am. I was expecting a tv cabinet / bookshelf in one to arrive from the nightmare store Ikea. Of course, delivery expected between 7am and 11am, and it arrived at 7am. I’ve also never purchased from Ikea before.

The unit – a stock image from Bing images, not my living room!

For the price it looks okay. I spent £40 on delivery, having only ordered last Friday. Minus those brown baskets at the bottom. I also hope my tv fits on it, I’m pretty sure it will! I also ordered the black brown version instead of white, my apartment is white enough!

Mainly to be used for tv, books and dvds. I do have an xbox and you can see from the picture that an xbox slips in the shelf under the tv. Total including delivery for the unit was £169. I think that is an okay price.

From the title of this post you may have wondered to what I was referring. Well, English summer 2021 hasn’t happened. There were some hot periods in April and May. But, honestly, June and July were mild at best and for the last few weeks there has been consistent rain, drizzle and a thunderstorm. The experts ramble on about global warming – which there is nothing they haven’t blamed on it – and yet the UK can’t have a consistent summer. Come on, God, it’s once a year for a few months!

Poetry time:

Y U R 

Why are you?

Where are you?

Here with you.

I hear you.

Feel you.

See the sunrise.

I empathise, relinquished. 

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day and may peace be with you. 

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