Ante meridiem

Good morning. Happy Sunday. Technically I woke up at 4am. Although, I lay in bed until about 5am when I decided to get my laptop and check when the local Caffe Nero is open. 8:30am apparently. Greggs is also open rather early too. So, in my mind I have the plan to head down to Greggs around 8:30am and then go and sit outside Nero for an hour or so drinking some variety of herbal tea… most likely green tea, if they have green tea with jasmine great!

I didn’t always get up at 5:30am. Only over the last month or so, since moving to my new penthouse apartment (cough) have I started to not only rise early, but actually enjoy rising early, feeling refreshed. Now that I think about it, there are a few more shops I’d like to peruse today. I’ll be heading to HMV to see what junk they have on offer. I am also considering Topman to find some new trousers. I don’t intend to purchase anything today other than the tea and pies, and even then, that is pushing it.

Why don’t I want to spend money on the Sunday? The same reason I don’t believe people should work on Sunday. I class it as a day of rest, just as on the 7th day, God rested. So should we. Granted that public services and the health sector should remain running, but these are exceptions without such we’d either be dead or mad.

Wake up at 5:30am and make the most of the early rise. Blog, writer a poem, story or edit a piece. Showering is my intention after finishing this post. I’ll then be frying some eggs and melting some cheese over those eggs with a side of mixed lentils/beans and perhaps some baked beans.

It will take roughly 15 minutes according to the online map feature for me to reach my destination. I am somewhat familiar with the route. It is the first time I will be walking there since moving to the area. It also says the distance is 0.8 miles. That is my morning exercise as well as fresh air and probably, a huge sense of achievement. When you get anxiety about leaving your house or apartment, then reaching that end destination is all the more satisfying.

I am still very much cautious about not wearing a face mask. 1) We are in a third wave in the UK, despite the lifting of pretty much all restrictions. 2) I am used to the mask and enjoy its company now 3) People can’t see my beautiful face. Do I really need anymore reasons to care about my health?

I have a brutal announcement. I just had pneumonia, a respiratory illness, and quite a severe one. I had to go into hospital for around 5 days. I was sick for about 2 1/2 weeks. That is also why I am cautious about exposing myself to the masses.

I may take my notebook so I can jot down observations about the local zombies.

Poem of the morning

It's nice to see the sin rise
Your eyes glisten under my gaze
I see the birds
They nestle on branches
That intelligent magpie
My morning pie.

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