Autumn Rising

I don’t know what I want anymore
I don’t know what to want
I have nothing I want
Maybe wait until this is over
Just get it over
Let it end
Steep end
Nobody cares
And I don’t care anymore
Maybe over caring
Is leading to emptyiness
And pain
Because there must be route
To the finish line
And I can buy any more time
Time to live
Spent a lifetime already
In the space
And now reliving 
All your mistakes
In the clutch of the devil
Evil that seeps through white papal cloth
Onto burning leaves
Autumn night leaves
Us alone
To be cold
And stunned
In silence
Where we find waiting
Something boring
Can you hear the wind blowing against my thin bones?
Can you see the birds circling above your tiny abode?
Let all of us rise again
Let all of use die again
Once again
Tortured and different
Grey and depleted
Space friends
So desperately were needed
Waiting to change
And seeing rhetorical lies

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