Tigger’s Electric Scooter

You may or may not be familiar with Tigger. Tigger is a character first introduced in the Winnie the Pooh series many years ago in 1928 by A.A Milne and illustrated by E.H Shepherd. I have read and watched some tv series as a child and possibly a movie. Although, it is hard to remember what I watched since it was so long ago. This is a British creation so you may not know about this. It is for children. It is also one of the most popular characters adapted for film and television by The Walt Disney Company.

Today, I intend to warp and destroy any innocence with a brief story that is to be direct and confrontational to society.

22nd June 2021

Tigger yawned as the sun splashed into his awakening eyes. The trees swayed and the grass was fresh with new day mildew. Bees buzzed and the air was subtle and cool and Tigger enjoyed the breeze across his face.

Alas, what is beside this large oak, he thinks to himself. His favourite ‘waking’ up spot is tarnished with a contraption unnatural. No animal goes near it. The birds do not sing on the branches, but instead fly away into the forest. Winter is coming, the leaves are becoming orange and copper, like his colours.

He mounts the device, the only logical solution. The metal handle and metal frame remind him of the old tractors that used to pass over the land.

He finds some rusting keys. Tigger is unaware of how to operate the machine. A small scooter he guesses. On the turning of the key, on the turning away…

…Tigger is blown to oblivion. The electric scooter plummets into the air and debris, smoke and scoldered metal come crashing all over the meadow. The lime green grass tainted black.

From the cloud of smoke above Tigger’s destroyed body, his arms and legs scattered all over the nearby bushes and branches and his head shooting through the sky somewhere over the m6 by now, comes floating down a crumpled piece of paper. Lucky for you, it lands writing up as it burns up.

A blank piece of paper is burning to ashes.

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