Hot & Flaccid

Daisy is an outgoing, attractive female. She is 25, brunettes’ shoulder length hair and exercises regularly. Her daily routine involves lots of work, volunteering, some study and then exercise, socialising and spending time with family when she can.

She is a pi in the eye of the universe.

Daisy has a friend call Sierra. She too shares most of the same physical qualities, except she has larger breasts. She is also banking and doesn’t volunteer. She prefers swimming to biking and you get it.

Daisy and Sierra use the same messaging platform to communicate. Friendship which has survived the harshness of winters and everything in between.

Today. Thursday. They both receive a special message from someone they have never heard of or met before.

Enter virtual stage: Reginald Humberslide. A thick jawboned male who likes to wear suits for his photos. His personal profile suggests he is interested in technology and some sports like horse racing, and rugby.

Reginald has messaged both Daisy and Sierra. They re-read the subject matter. They re-read the contents and title of the message.

Alas, the message is profane and does not leave any of them happy:

“Hi you look sexy, your profile looked good how would you like to chat a bit more? I can’t believe such a young woman as you is single and working!”

Daisy and Sierra share the message with one another to find that they both received the same. They spread the word amongst their female friends.

It soon emerges that a dozen women received this message.

Daisy responds to Sierra: “What a jerk!” (girl talk)

Sierra responds to Daisy: “I don’t feel so special anymore.”

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