You are Life!

I keep coming across posts on Linkedin that talk about progressing in life at your own pace. Rather than abiding by the ‘system’ that states you need to cross certain milestones at a particular age.

Example; raised to attend school and graduate at 16. You head off to college until 18 or 19. Then you go into an apprenticeship, work or further study at university. You then work until you reach the mid-life crisis where you sit in the park wearing a Hawaii shirt, black shades, drinking a Coors light and tripping balls on mushrooms. (sounds like Billy McBride from Goliath). You then ‘exist’ in the same career until you begin to shrivel like a prune and become stiff in the joints, unable to get up to take a p***. You reach retirement if you have survived this far. You have a poor savings account, barely enough to do much other than wait for your time to come. You have children who are far away and don’t really care about you anymore. You then lose your partner. You then come to realise you have either a) wasted your life working or b) not done enough and not explored earth enough.

In other words, regret. Regret can seep in before you reach that final part, the last act of life. You could change if you were 20 again. You’d do things differently. You would rather waste the days and sit in your own filth and self-obsession than making the most of that retirement. Many do. Wealth, the biggest divide in the world. Those with big accounts do more and those with less…you get the picture.

But a person – an individuals happiness, is not measured by wealth. In fact, people rate their happiness based on the people around them and how connected they feel. So, you can say that happiness is subjective. You either are or you aren’t.

If you could travel to the future and see what life will be for you, would you come back and then embark upon that path? It’s up to you. If you could go back in time and do it again, knowing what you have already done, would you repeat those things?

There is no time. If you begin to believe this simple concept, you will better be able to achieve whatever you want. Happiness? No problem. Wealth? No problem. Both share a common theme: effort, motivation, determination, ambition, courage, faith and acceptance.

  1. You need to put the effort in towards the goal you want to achieve. You could be 20, you could be 50. Energy expended is toward that goal.
  2. Motivation, without it you would not get up in the morning or try and better yourself everyday. You are motivated to achieve that goal. You feel refreshed motivating others or seeing their success.
  3. Determination. You want to reach that goal and achieve what you set out to achieve because you know that you can and that nothing can stop you. You are good enough. There is no rush. Those who take it slowly and efficiently are likely to have a strong house at the end.
  4. Ambition gives us a sense of self purpose. We are ambitious because we want to be seen as good, hardworking people. This is the only one on the list which I would say; don’t worry where you set your aim. If you have a dream or desire, the only things holding you back are low self-esteem or doubt.
  5. Courage to live another day, the courage to embark on your own journey. Don’t be afraid. You will not go far if you are afraid. Being aware of potential issues is good, but anxiety is a huge energy drain!
  6. Faith in yourself and God (if you believe) will give you a sense of purpose. Have faith that you are good enough, that you are better than your best self. Without faith you have nothing.
  7. Finally, acceptance, one of the highest states of being. I accept myself, therefore I accept others. Learn to love yourself and accept how you have been born into the world. Accept opportunities and friendships…you will go far if you both believe and accept in yourself.

How do you feel about your life? Do you feel happy? Is there something in your heart you are yet to set out to achieve?

There is no moment like the present. Remember time does not exist (in this perspective). That means you are not ahead or behind. You are here now and achieving (hopefully) something you want to achieve.

I saw the golden gates
And began to feel my own fate
And the ball was rolling
We were falling
Sinking and rising
Into the abyss
Coming out with bliss.

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