∞ Progressive and elucidated

Determine and destroyed

Crucified and repented

∞ Because of my suffering

          Because of the pain

                   Love is the way

                             And the world is a vision

                                      An illusion 

∞ Fantasy and reality

          Pop up religions

                   Angels flock to the I

                             So long as I can see

∞ Reveal the truth when you are ready

          Don’t let them take it all away

                   Pray all the callous away

                              Seize the day

∞ I have another way to go

          Seven dimensions yet to go

                   In a vengeful tasteful silent path

                             Behind that stained glass

∞ Travelling on             

          Moving on           

                   Forgetting and gone

                             To the beyond

∞ An empty vessel

          An empty chalice 

                   An empty hall

                             An empty heart

                                      Your empty hurt

                                                Our empty lives

                                                          The Godless healers

                                                                   The foolish believers

                                                                             The devil upheavals.

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