What did I buy on my walk to the shops?

What did I buy on my walk to the shops?

It was throwing it down with hail, as I sat at my desk reading emails, and fondly gazing into the thick stones. But, they lasted a mere few minutes. Enough time to prompt me to go out. It was fairly busy considering the miserable weather.

Cafes were open today as well and bustling with non-mask wearing peeps. I have black joggers, blue trainers, a dark black dragon shirt, a black hoodie and black cap. So, it must be me when I say I don’t like to stand out…

I entered town where more people were bustling and making ways to shops and buying the usual non-essentials, because let’s face it we need more junk in the world. My sole aim? To buy some more essential oils from a particular health and wellness store, which supplies supplements, specialised foods, oils, some magazines and lots of protein for body builders!

Purchases made at the shop: activated charcoal tablets, Tisserand rosemary organic essential oil, Tisserand organic peppermin oil and Tisserand organic lemon oil. This is to supplement the 3 oils I bought yesterday from the pharmacy (lavender, eucalyptus and orange).

Rosemary essential oil.
Image result for tisserand peppermint
Peppermint essential oil.
Lemon essential oil.

What is essential about these oils? Health effects or benefits? Yes! Indeed these oils, any type of essential oil is the plant extract taken from source and distilled and pressed down until it is liquid, 100% pure oil. This has numerous health benefits. For example a favourite of mine, Frankincense – also given to baby Jesus as a gift – has remarkable benefits for brain health, and overall physical and spiritual wellbeing, being able to give us that insight and second spiritual sight we need in times of prayer.

I chose rosemary, lemon and peppermint because I had read that they boost kidney health, and I was looking for a way to detox them, that is why I also bough the activated charcoal too. The kidneys are the single most important organs in the body to eliminate and eradicate toxins, that is why we need to keep them well fed, extremely well oiled (good hydration) and through exercise and eating right. Don’t overburden an already burdened system by eating unhealthily or by sitting around waiting for that circulation to improve! Give your kidneys the love and care they desire and need in order for them to function optimally. They control blood pressure, growth, the water system, electrolyte levels, protein levels, and more!

Activated charcoal I bought.

So with that bought, I moved toward the exit of the shopping centre, which was reminiscent of the film Dawn of the Dead, although some of the shoppers were not as ravenous. I travelled along to a book, magazine store which also supplies stationary (I am not mentioning store names but you may have already figured that out!).

New scientist Essential guide No.6 – Evolution – Darwin’s theory of natural selection and what it means for life.

I was searching for a decent movie magazine, but sadly I could not see any that appealed to me. I usually get Total Film or Empire. Today I wanted to appear slightly intelligent so I decided to wander over to the magazines about astronomy, nature, science and rocket stuff…I stumbled upon this magazine – picture above. I immediately was drawn to this as – a) I don’t actually like the Darwin’s theory of evolution and b) It was a subtle dark green that reminded me of the jungle – no doubt that is a deliberate imprint on the readers mind. I have yet to read any, but it looks well written and well presented. I wanted to try and expand my mind and stretch out of my comfort zone.

One of the coolest and newest things that caught my eye was a can, yes a can, of sparkling water! It has a resealable lid and is 500ml.

Canned at source from the Austrian alps!

It matched the black I had on, but I slipped it into my little backpack before desperately racing home to try it. Cool and easy to use with minimum on the can in terms of advert. It literally says – sparkling spring water, can’o water, don’t bottle it. On the back it states the instructions to open and that cans are infinitely recyclable. I agree. I also have a preference for can or glass over plastic. Yes the lid is plastic but comes to good use. As mentioned it is resealable and that means you could shake it after opening and it would not spill out – “I tried it.” It has a rich taste and does not overwhelm your sense with bubbles. Some products like Pellegrino are way too fizzy but this can hit the spot. Of course, there is the concern about aluminium being sapped into the source but try and forget that!

I hope you enjoyed reading about some of the things I bought today. I hope to talk some more about what I do on days out. When I can, I will be taking you all virtually to various locations across England. London will no doubt be a highlight when I get the chance to go there.

For now stay safe and enjoy life! xox

Decision Time

The time has come

the here and the now

it's time to make a choice

to stand tall or to fall

to begin to regret or embrace it all

now is the time for change

now is the time to let go

of all that you desire

that can't pass through the fire

that wouldn't look good to the King of Tyre

now feel those waves

passing slowly overhead

and breathe deeply

but don't forget those weeply souls

those who never got old

because I have to give

but a mere penance of life

that vanishes in the blink of an eye.


Beginning my days shaving off my sins

Washing away all of those previous whims

Thinking I am the star of the Sims

Driving that car shotgun to Mr Pims

Eagle eyed fraught desire

Wormhole aging attire.

What great news has come upon the American people and indeed the world. George Floyd’s killer was found guilty of murder and guilty he was. A shift in the consciousness of the American people will sweep the world. Let’s hope that the world begins to change and help those who are most in need.

A Fish Called Wanda: Movie Review

A fish called Wanda. Release date: 1988. Duration: 1h 48m. Director: John Cleese and Charles Crichton.


A gang of British diamond thieves pull of a massive heist, and then try to double cross one another to find the loot. Barrister Archie Leach is responsible for representing heist leader Georges Thomason. Wanda tries to seduce Leach to learn the whereabouts of the diamonds.

Que: Probably one of the best British comedies from Monty Python John Cleese and Michael Palin. In my top 10 favourite films. A sequel “Fierce Creatures” was released in 1997 ( I will review soon ).

It is quintessential British comedy viewing. Full of fantastic actors and a fantastic storyline, coupled with genius wit and a genuine feel for the art of movie making.

To start I want to talk about the actual filming of the movie. It is clear and crisp and the audio is brilliant. The blu-ray version even more so. This is timeless in that it looks and feels like a modern movie, however there is little to give away the fact it is from the 80’s and it is gripping and entertaining enough not to focus on that!

A diamond heist masterminded and pulled of by Georges Thomason, Ken Pile, Otto and Wanda. Soon the diamonds go missing and it becomes a game of trying to double cross one another in order to find them! Ken is on a bet to assassinate an old lady who witnessed them escaping the crime scene. Otto the psychopath is just up to his eyes in crazy whilst passing himself off as Wanda’s brother. Wanda is busy trying to seduce Archie Leach, the barrister trying to defend Thomason from prison.

It is the chemistry of the actors that bring the film to a new level. All are brilliant but it is Otto (Kevin Kline) who brings things to a completely different dimension. In one of the funniest scenes in the film (out of many), Archie (Cleese) is becoming seduced by Wanda (Curtis) when Otto decides to break in to Leach’s house and hide behind a bedroom door, in order to stop Wanda from having sex with Leach. Soon Leach’s wife comes home with his daughter and then Wanda is hiding too. I won’t go on because you have to see it to believe it…

Ken is still trying to kill the old lady, and hilariously failing. Being an animal right activist, it adds another layer when he accidentally kills her beloved dogs instead. We can really feel the Monty Python humour shining through a during a few scenes the music score briefly plays the theme from the opening of The Meaning of Life.

Of course in the end, things start to get serious as the diamonds are found and who takes them is up to you to see for yourself by watching it!

A great film and a great tribute to British comedies. We don’t see films like this anymore which is a shame.

Rating: 5/5


∞ Progressive and elucidated

Determine and destroyed

Crucified and repented

∞ Because of my suffering

          Because of the pain

                   Love is the way

                             And the world is a vision

                                      An illusion 

∞ Fantasy and reality

          Pop up religions

                   Angels flock to the I

                             So long as I can see

∞ Reveal the truth when you are ready

          Don’t let them take it all away

                   Pray all the callous away

                              Seize the day

∞ I have another way to go

          Seven dimensions yet to go

                   In a vengeful tasteful silent path

                             Behind that stained glass

∞ Travelling on             

          Moving on           

                   Forgetting and gone

                             To the beyond

∞ An empty vessel

          An empty chalice 

                   An empty hall

                             An empty heart

                                      Your empty hurt

                                                Our empty lives

                                                          The Godless healers

                                                                   The foolish believers

                                                                             The devil upheavals.


Falling into your arms

Sought to see who you are

Fighting to go far


Gentle rush

Unsympathetic touch

Goldman platonic


Falling into the night

One breath from losing this fight


I’d better start running

Breath sought lion tamer

Become the one to train her

In the midst

Of the valley of the shadow of night


Where do you go from here…

Where are all the lights slow down

Where are we when we’re feeling down

When are your sounds going to move town

Oh, and when will they stop being so down


On this day so sad

Fed to death of being glad

And of course molded like plastic clay bag

Sat longing and dreaming

That which I used to have


Stepping stones one at a time

Piecing memories together to the rhythm of your rhyme

Anticipation of lack of time

And counting…



A reminiscent sojourn

Could you make it

To the final

In the court

As days speed by

We say goodbye

Night of our lives

So long

Dying breed

Those nights

Were what we desperately need

Guided to the gate

Years pass

Many times

Pain that lasts

And leaving young a breath

To much the width

Of narrow path


Seperation: the previous poem on my wordpress site.