I'm an invisible human being,
blending into my surroundings,
hearing my only footsteps,
and the echoes of my brothers,
from a far,
to near,
and all held dearly,
on my heart,
in my life,
I'm crawling toward a shelter,
without eye contact,
by myself,
to the most high.


Eyes that see,
a brain that interprets,
sensing waves,
spinning sensation,
my body lies,
I am alive,
not in good stead,
pacing around the room,
missing you and me on the moon.

A hidden veil,
thinly dangles in front of our eyes,
floats in the wind,
glistens in the mist,
hides in the sun,
rides our every desire.

An occult game,
trying to train the brain,
to remain the same,
so we remain,
in this nightmare,
and again.

The Final Revelation

Our final days of growing old,
letting go of the spirit within,
of dreams of others gold,
of waking up to stories untold.

Thrust across a slate path,
reeling from that fatal aftermath,
of contusion,

Speaking truth in each footstep,
seeing  it in every blink,
feeling in every touch,
a decent ending,
humble to poor beginnings,
and rich destiny.

The 2nd Revelation

It's time again,
to forget the past and embrace,
the present,
a gift,
given from grace,
to wisdom divine,
everlasting love embrace.

And the evil witches,
swirling in the caverns,
shall not come near,
instead shall fear,
a coming day.

Turning on the waypoint,
setting signals North,
turning on the backside,
finding easterly headings,
taken from your palms. 

Revelation 1

Revelation 1

I see the world blue on the horizon,
floating through a mass black hole,
it is waiting till the equinox,
until the day comes,
when earth will be full of fire.

Pagans and liars,
born from the same disillusioned friars,
and one might come to admire,
his stove,
and their tomb,
and everything written upon the moon.

There is an empty chalice,
brimming with unseen malice,
waiting to be drunk,
tipped into a ravine,
revealing the unseen.

A revelation comes to heart,
most people are too scared to start,
to seek the ways,
to hear him say,
I forgive you.


It's a lockdown,
a cock down,
a cock up,
inside and sinside,
all the women,
paid with fools gold,
driven away by my greedy soul,
trapped in this box,
now called home,
given too much to live for,
and yet letting it go,

I'm a bachelor,
living it large,
can't handle your voice,
rather sit in remorse,
drinking that fine liquor,
seeing my games,
thinking about life,
and wasting away.