Soon to be Famous Quotes ~

When I entered the White House for the first time, the first thing I said, I said, we need to get more black and minority colouring in this place. That’s what I said. ~ Ronald J Rump.

I can’t believe how many fish are in the ocean. ~ Dawud Ateaborrough.

We need to stick together, literally, in order to fight the darkness and find a vaccine for…can someone prompt me? ~ Doris Johnson.

If you have a dream, forget about it, I can’t remember half of mine. ~ Marting Kuther Ping.

We must eat all the cows, quickly, before my wife tells me off. ~ Gladimir Glutin.

Where did I leave my razor? ~ Norman Waites.

When man set foot on the moon for the first time I was amazed at how good the graphics were. ~ J F B

I need a large orange, some lipstick and a gun and I’m good. ~ Madd Pitt.

Don’t forget we are feeding ourselves with the peasants money, we need more. The poor don’t deserve it, we do. ~ The Woyal Wamily.

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