Soon to be Famous Quotes ~

When I entered the White House for the first time, the first thing I said, I said, we need to get more black and minority colouring in this place. That’s what I said. ~ Ronald J Rump.

I can’t believe how many fish are in the ocean. ~ Dawud Ateaborrough.

We need to stick together, literally, in order to fight the darkness and find a vaccine for…can someone prompt me? ~ Doris Johnson.

If you have a dream, forget about it, I can’t remember half of mine. ~ Marting Kuther Ping.

We must eat all the cows, quickly, before my wife tells me off. ~ Gladimir Glutin.

Where did I leave my razor? ~ Norman Waites.

When man set foot on the moon for the first time I was amazed at how good the graphics were. ~ J F B

I need a large orange, some lipstick and a gun and I’m good. ~ Madd Pitt.

Don’t forget we are feeding ourselves with the peasants money, we need more. The poor don’t deserve it, we do. ~ The Woyal Wamily.

Defcon 6

In the new year, 
we were told nothing to fear,
how deep could the lies go,
how far were humans willing to go,
to punish the innocent and waken the dead,
to spit in everyone's faces and lay in their bed,
where were the saviours that Christians rejoiced,
are they seeking shelter, of the governments choice,
and that was my idea,
that was how they got here,
we ignored the orders and the warnings,
wanting more and more,
but nothing at all,
until invasion.