If I could only be there in that moment for one second again,
No, at least not to the untrained eye,
witches brew,
time to undo, again.

"Felicity, don't leave me now, sweetheart."
rain pouring down on my scattered face,
old lovers deceitful embrace,
embers burnt,
cast aside,
burned inside.

decide to drown the mama crime,
lying down there,
blacked soot stone,
no more room,
to hide.

"I now pronounce you, good luck, young lovers, time killers."
elder knuckle,
wrap on wooden door,
drop your crystal bible,
open instead, your meat supplier,
chopped in that crate,
ended up,
on someone elses dinner plate.

"I've lost you...I can't find you darling, yearling."
nickle plated watch,
empty, clocks,
all on the undertakers watch.

"Look in the mirror, I'm waiting for you."
faithful departed,
ashes tossed to the wind,
southerly breeze,
easterly sunrise,
your soul rising up,
through every empty shallow wave,
glaring at the tide,
seeing your face,
through every sunrise.

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