It was nice while it lasted

A time and place to create those memories,
stored in a box,
left out to rot,
dry rot,
rotting frame.

Rule of 3,
mighty den,

Reversed river,
blood veins,
running through the canyon,
battering ram, you door,
long exiled. 

Exactly what that was,
what it was,
fading in the smoke,

Here’s a chance to appreciate Asia, many years later…

Taskbar empty

My task bar is empty,
there is no direction,
no digressions,
best intentions.

Hard to fill that bar up for the start of the day,
harder to empty it, to cease at the dawn of night,
my brighter light,
shadowy delight.

Can you feel my tasks piling up on the desk,
you walk in late,
I regret looking into your eyes,
you sleep,
I woke,
to find,
the emptiness of space,
timeless stars shining down on our broken hearts,
don't forget, to fill that empty, taskbar.


If I could only be there in that moment for one second again,
No, at least not to the untrained eye,
witches brew,
time to undo, again.

"Felicity, don't leave me now, sweetheart."
rain pouring down on my scattered face,
old lovers deceitful embrace,
embers burnt,
cast aside,
burned inside.

decide to drown the mama crime,
lying down there,
blacked soot stone,
no more room,
to hide.

"I now pronounce you, good luck, young lovers, time killers."
elder knuckle,
wrap on wooden door,
drop your crystal bible,
open instead, your meat supplier,
chopped in that crate,
ended up,
on someone elses dinner plate.

"I've lost you...I can't find you darling, yearling."
nickle plated watch,
empty, clocks,
all on the undertakers watch.

"Look in the mirror, I'm waiting for you."
faithful departed,
ashes tossed to the wind,
southerly breeze,
easterly sunrise,
your soul rising up,
through every empty shallow wave,
glaring at the tide,
seeing your face,
through every sunrise.


Time to let go of the feelings, 
the weather, 
the day and the night and everyone you believe is right,
let go of the sun and the moon and your starry eyes,
searching down,
finding the hidden secret,
opening the casket,
bed wedding musket.

No way out,
wishing you home again,
ceasing time,
freezing breeze,
bitter day, iron night,
flattened ball of earth,
reading your palm,
stashing the knowledge,
closing the casket,
divorcing your past.

Beach Town: Hope OUT NOW

My author website is not garnering enough attention so I brought the sequel to Beach Town: Apocalypse here for you!

I hope you like the cover, blurb and hopefully the story! A crackingly frightening read, truly! No stops to this action packed adventure!