After The Storm

pain and regret and lurking, inside,
and that staking heart, sure-start,
backfire, coal fire,
awaken your senses,
after the start,
after the storm.

after the storm,
between the eyes,
an empty envelope, by your side.

Before the day has dawned,
healing scars deep on your body,
infectious substance cast on that smooth skin,
light, oh, where art thou been.

Onward, forwards gaze,
refrained mind,
I don't mind,
who you are,
just that skies are cold,
the sun cast by shadow day night,
I've seen enough to put everything, right.

Pain and regret lurking inside,
thousand faces,
million emotions,
happiness, just bubbling beneath the surface,
Oh, man, see them fly,
fly so high.

After the storm,
comes waking light,
foreseen destiny,
impermeable might,
Your last rite. 

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