Another Day

destined to sink and slide down the hill,
swallowed pride,
waking to find,
another day.

A simple buzzcut,
knock on her door,
she adores you,
for a whisper.

Bearing sunlight,
dawning of that age,
beginning anew,
and fading eventually, unknown. 

Another day,
everybody could sing it their way,
seeing that, the day,
is nothing but a brick in your way,
so stay,
stay now,
be here,
come far,
go places,
tons of faces,
which we all embrace,
of the embers.

And that hand was forced,
as you know,
inside dark and frightening feelings,
something remains,
just another day.


Hath thou fallen,
I have seen the wicked smiles of the fallen,
into a black hole,
into their darkened souls,
fallen onto their, golden thrones,
and perfume and wine,
all the time, in the world,
sackcloth covering,
untoward the fence of my garden gate,
rain on the shoulder,
hard bank,
banking on the times,
you would have fallen. 

After The Storm

pain and regret and lurking, inside,
and that staking heart, sure-start,
backfire, coal fire,
awaken your senses,
after the start,
after the storm.

after the storm,
between the eyes,
an empty envelope, by your side.

Before the day has dawned,
healing scars deep on your body,
infectious substance cast on that smooth skin,
light, oh, where art thou been.

Onward, forwards gaze,
refrained mind,
I don't mind,
who you are,
just that skies are cold,
the sun cast by shadow day night,
I've seen enough to put everything, right.

Pain and regret lurking inside,
thousand faces,
million emotions,
happiness, just bubbling beneath the surface,
Oh, man, see them fly,
fly so high.

After the storm,
comes waking light,
foreseen destiny,
impermeable might,
Your last rite. 


I'm doing it,
living out my every move,
in the corner drifting away,
jumped by blackened nighmares,
etheric beings, otherworldly kind,
fighting for every breath,
sad to see you go for a while,
back on my vibrating curtain,
a heroes journey,
a one-way trip,
doing it every day,
hurting and afraid,
seeing out those demonic ways.