Melancholic, okay.

I'm a little melancholy today,
that's okay,
because there is not going be any miserable poetry.

I saw a way,
a way out of the dark,
a way to make a new start,
from beneath my darkened heart.

A path snaked round a lagoon,
gemstone aqua blue,
covers you,
your eyes on water,
as if looking into a glass soul.

It's okay,
to feel this way,
or any way that you want,
it's not all about what others want,
the brick is real and your vision is real,
seeing the truth is daunting,
escaping the dream, so haunting. are all the same anyway,
one by one churned into a breadless butter,
losing that spiritual connection you used to have with one another,
lost in a light and wanting,
so desperately needing the waned hand.

It's okay, you'll come around in the end.

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