You're eternally flowing to greatness,
floating onward,
to a vast expanse,
waves that ripple under your weight,
disappearing beyond the horizon,
becoming one with time and space,
everlasting embrace,
fading away,
it's harder today than yesterday,
but growing, 
as facing south,
sinking into the seas,
missing every breath,
aloof with regret,
longing to speak again,
it's goodbye for now you lost soul,
meet again in the eternal abode,
of the heavens.

It’s Eternal

You're a virus,
you take your time to spend your life replicating in another,
living cells of another,
any life form,
forever and ever, to the end.

Came from darkness,
a thought,
a mere speck of dust,
some random hole a million miles away,
now here,
to stay,
what am I referring to?

You think you know,
it's so much to understand,
the truth is easier than the lies,
why are you running backwards,
it takes an eight ball to win,
a bullseye,
not a blinded chicken,
a shambling corpse!
A human.

What is this virus?


Saying the word to live another day, 
under your wing trying to find my way,
really, really hard fighting another day, 
very angry and sad, 
in this post-apocalyptic land, 
very sandy under my boots, 
and there you are, waiting for me to jump through hoops, 
living in this undead world.


Those long nights sat in waiting for the paint to dry,
our decorative nights in waiting for the sky to brighten,
our nights in became a current flavour of soul.

It was a rope but offered us so much hope,
our relationship torn and broken,
your heart cold and woken,
but I said we needed the rope,
to ease our pain,
to help you gain,
control again.

It was rough and we enjoyed each touch,
those loose strands were never enough,
enough of your torture,
I've been in the same box,
clasping a rope wrapped around your neck,
tighter and tighter, my hands get,
until snap you are there,
we are here,
couldn't hear the screams.


No matter how small you get I'll find you,
no matter where you hide, I'll reveal you,
where I see a light your life will be light,
merging currents transcending the seas,
pulling me all the thee,
a harsher punishment is awaiting you both,
charged with love and seeking the truth,
there is a narrow passage, 
through which no key can pass,
until you brace yourselves,
for the eternal blast. 


Short blonde hair and blue eyes, a smile that could cut through a sea of demons, it was Peter.

Pass your feelings,
an infinite thought,
an open mind,
never ending consciousness,
uneven existence,
parallel races,
completed fates,
sending signals,
wrong time,
a long time,
your evening sunset,
my morning sunrise.

Melancholic, okay.

I'm a little melancholy today,
that's okay,
because there is not going be any miserable poetry.

I saw a way,
a way out of the dark,
a way to make a new start,
from beneath my darkened heart.

A path snaked round a lagoon,
gemstone aqua blue,
covers you,
your eyes on water,
as if looking into a glass soul.

It's okay,
to feel this way,
or any way that you want,
it's not all about what others want,
the brick is real and your vision is real,
seeing the truth is daunting,
escaping the dream, so haunting. are all the same anyway,
one by one churned into a breadless butter,
losing that spiritual connection you used to have with one another,
lost in a light and wanting,
so desperately needing the waned hand.

It's okay, you'll come around in the end.


A fragile smile painted on a white canvas,
an X on the last day of the calender,
where were the people when the vortex opened?

It's a long road,
and even longer when you get lost,
a vortex of emotions,
leaves you washed against a rock.

I travelled for years, 
spent few tears,
surpassed many peers,
and found glory on the mountain,
where the sun met the sky,
where all of me was looking inside,
if the wind blew too hard,
you'd see me fall.

A vortex of our lives,
we spiral toward infinite time,
running out of time,
in this petty time.

Frugal mind,
falling apart,
stitched back together,
with understanding.

Love the plague of this world,
death the salvation we all heard...about.