Floating into a dark tunnel,
light fading, sparking in my peripheral,
emphasis on the strange,
give me a moment to write another masterpiece,
latter day get away,
your spiral confusement,
befuddled euphoria,
swooping down on the night,
trying to take me without a fight.

A dead end,
the road was short,
abruptly stopped,
you never really knew me to begin with,
melancholic haunting texture,
fickle shape matter scattered,
space born wizards and black hole angels,
open the gates, the flood gates,
drown out the sorrows of the damned,
forgo all the pain we inflicted unto you,
oh, thou heavenly body.

Caught in the waters of time,
didn't take look inside,
brush against me I swipe it away,
fate played out how you expected it to,
a day away from the hurting pain,
suddenly at a loss,
so strong and now burned and lost,
ashes once risen have now all gone.

Electromagnetic pulse,
surging current across the...universe,
halted and afraid,
stronger than you have ever been,
freezing microbes and dastardly virus,
latch onto our metal pious...

Rising sun,
tell us what we have done,
help us understand the fun,
that you have given us.

Tell us what we have done,
maybe so that we addendum,
add on and mystify,
lost and glorious in the dark sky,
feeling all too high,
until you hit that ceiling,

a small piece...
of a puzzle...
my mind adrift...
losing faythe.

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