Maybe Another Day

Maybe you could strike a chord?
Maybe you could kick a stone?

How you live and how you die,
not exactly how you live inside?
Breath of life,
angels delight.

Thunder strike,
rain tonight,
nowhere near my might,
thunder strikes,
rain tonight.

Drip of blood, 
love and lust,
you've become,
endangered and undone.

Maybe another day,
a day so so far away,
one we could say,
allowed us to see the way,
through our darkness,
your darkness in my eyes,
all those wasted years,
your thin blood lines,
lies behind my mind...

Sunlight beaming very bright,
sunrise in the distance,
is coming,
inside out finding your way out,
learning what it's all about,
in the house. 

Maybe you could turn the music up?
Maybe you could open your heart?

Maybe, another day. 

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