"Can't go on, to face another day."
"I never said it was easy."
"So, we'll be together?"
The sun rises.
"That's all that matters."

Your cold stare,
I'm scared,
we're all in this together,
until the end.

Phrygian dominant, 
too many notes to hit,
too many to concieve,
guitar peeve.

"Fantasize me until you die."
"You know I'd never give you up."
Day breaks, cold wind.
"I'll never let you give me up."

Time for a desert roll,
sinking fast,
hidden city,
remnants of Atlantis,
poorly condescending wriggle worm...

"Try to escape my grasp, I could hold onto you for eternity."
"Can't slow down, loosing my grip on your cairn."
"Loosing my patience."
"Love eternal."

Shady patches covet the fields,
ground opens to the stars,
ancient secrets pouring out,
look out,
it may cause a drought!

Wait, this fantasy,
delusioned experience of mine,
a wizard of my time,
trying to turn around,
to let go of you,
all of your days chasing after me,

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