Black Summer: Series Review

Zombie apocalypse…again. TV series released 11th April 2019. I’ve watched season 1 around 3 times to fully grasp the plot and the story. It is well worth the watch for any true survival/zombie apocalypse fan.

The classic elements are there, with enough action, suspense and drama to keep you watching. It stuck with a fairly simple formula which works…getting from a-b, and builds from there.

Renewed for a second season, Black Summer must be pulling the fans in. Need I say the obvious? Too many zombies out there, but I love them as a plot dynamic. Black Summer gets to the root of my likes, and a lot of other peoples likes, by genuinely focusing on the dead in the terrifying manner they lurk around us with.

Recommend for The Walking Dead fans, and fans of Z Nation…another favourite of mine which was sadly cancelled…

I enjoyed this, had wanted the characters to survive and wanted to find out more about them and the plot in general…this is a good, laid back yet fully realistic approach to story telling. The direction, camera angles, lighting and general ambience are the icing to the story, being able to capture a lot of mood and emotions in each shot. Capturing the scary post apocalyptic feel.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

4 stars. Worth a watch for realism based apocalypse fans.

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