The Way

The Way

“I never knew, someone was out there, 
a long way from nowhere, 
who could open my eyes.” – Dream Theater
The way out of a cold snowstorm,
The perilous journey from depths of winter snow,
To thundering summer heights,
Oh, you are as cold as ice.
And in that moment, bang, bang, snap,
Try, just try,
Run away, hide inside,
Come and see what you have left behind,
You hero, you hero,

All night,
Drenched in moonlight,
Have to build the energy again,
Aries, flip of a coin,
So annoyed,
All but destroyed,
Losing faith,
I’ll make it out my way.
The way is calmer than you can see,
Until the storm clouds your dreams,
Until you start to realise what it all means,
Then it becomes easier still,
Waiting, turning, becoming everything, you hated,
You’ll learn the lesson the hardest way,
A stray amongst the snow,
A bear amongst the lions,
So, so tried.

I was drowning in sorrow,
The light dimmed,
Surrounded by black smoke,
A heart of anguish,
And a memory of pain,
Open your heart… Interlude…
Dragged from the wreckage,
God smiling down on me,
I thought it was the end,
As I neared my death bed,
I had enough life still smothered in hatred and regrets,
All it took was the smallest step,
The tunnel widened,
Smoke turned to water,
The bright lights of your love shone the way out of the caverns,
I see now, I feel now,
I’m not alone,
I was never alone,
The higher you go,
The more you know,
And at least I’ll go,
As I want to go,
Raging against the currents,
Striking each demon eye,
Racing to face the seas of time.

Words will never express the disconnection,
My eyes could never empathise the discomfort,
You’d never understand…
I’d never want you to.
Worlds apart,
I’m a tree,
You the lamb,
We grow patiently,
I felt the breeze,
You felt the knife,
We each enjoyed others delight,
Until our sight, engaged,
Began to fade.
Remember, this life,
Hell can spill over you,
You suffer,
Find the way,
The way back,
To safer havens,
Away from the nightmares,
The wasted days,
Each drifting slowly away,
Every drop of blood spilt,
Each second engaged in ill will,
Forged in fire cast over gemstone tyre…
Ever forget what beauty lays in your heart?
Do you want to wake up from the dead?
Did you ever get called from that slumber 
to be taken down a rough beaten path only 
to find out that inside those eerie tress lays a secret so guarded; it’d kill you?
A smartly written plan,
Destined for happiness,
Strung out in desperation,
Blamed and shamed,
You’ll never enjoy what they dare say,
That your love guide the way,
That your strength seize the day,
That the way was always okay,
As long as you did it your way.

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