Adventure & Self Development

A great time of change is occurring among humans. People everyday, every second are waking up, in every corner of the globe…waking up to the reality of our existence, to the true nature of the universe and the ultimate wake up call…the reality of what lurks inside themselves.

I’ve been moving from brain to brain, logical to creative and back and forth for some time. I try to use both at once if I can. I am trying to change for the better, to change negative habits, to form new ones and to become a better more rounded person. By developing the weaknesses I can strengthen my strengths and so forth.

Some of you may have read my poetry for which I am grateful. I have started to write long poems/prose. I can understand people might be hesitant to read that much, but I appreciate you taking the time anyhow. I hope everyone takes away something positive from my writing even though it may come across as melancholic sometimes.

Life is an adventure, we all go from a to b. How you travel that distance and what you do between those points is almost entirely up to you. I think connecting with friends and family, engaging in hobbies and passions, working hard, keeping fit and healthy and spreading love and joy are some of the best things you could do in this lifetime. Whatever your path, have the courage and the faith to follow it.

Lord knows…I’ve found my way.

The Way
True identity revealed...just in time,
porous surface cracking lightly,
love blister pack on counter-top,
hidden and can't go back at all...
all that was ever known,
everything you've been told,
temporary algae on rocks,
washed away to the sea,
a harsh truth to scrape your soul,
prepare for your end.

Watch this space for some more photos:

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