It’s Heavy Down Here

"I don't want to go home, 
I just want to keep walking. 
Life is repetitive, meaningless when you look at it."  

It's heavy down here,
I'm all out of fear,
nothing to fear,
in these fragile days,
living out your selfish ways,
trying to snap out of your daze.

and boring,
forever longing your smile,
smile sunken on the ocean waves,
smiles down on sunny days,
trying to keep my soul on the green,
well, what the hell does it all mean? 


Binded by burning sun,
unbound and on the run,
closing the setting sun.

Power chord,
passing thought,
your cage destroyed and you are free,
free to be an angelic body,
body of no tears or sorrow,
or pain and fear,
free to live your life in the river.

And power,
to the skies,
and the earth and the moon,
to you and I,
seemingly empty and shallow,
now full of power.

Goodbye good days,
and hello forever,
and won't let it go,
nothing ever said,
can keep you from leaving,
your life was full of meaning,
now gone.

to the moon and the stars,
to all that we cannot see,
or feel or taste,
what a beautiful waste. 


You might be surprised to learn how many suns are in our galaxy,
or how many galaxies are in this universe,
with each brushstroke, a completed verse,
with the inverse being to end it all,
can't bare the pain anymore,
nor could you,
I wouldn't watch you climb a tower and jump off,
so don't let others fall,
let it rain sunshine on your face,
feel and think before you heal,
from the supernatural ghost plaguing your mind,
in your dreams a perfect sphere,
woken to a crumbling construct,
all along had been desperate to pop.


7 days of pain,
every night and every day,
worth slipping away in a thousand ways,
slipped into the seas,
dropped out of my mind,
couldn't find what I was looking for inside. 

The seven wounds of the knife,
the seven seas of the times,
7 days to live out your life,
forget about all the strife.

Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Neptune,
not bothered by what you do,
by what you say,
I say, forget the 7 wonders,
the 7 hours,
of your ways,
give up those fiscal wounds, hear my cries,
try not to deny,
any existence,
the perfect resistance,
of your life.

This Lie

"But, I thought you only told the truth?"
"And I thought you could see my lies."

This lie,
growing lie,
deeper into the great divide,
not many could thrive,
through this life,
this lie,
everybody has their own disguise,
brutal washed up denial,
spin the lucky wheel dial,
this way,
that day,
your last say,
could be heard by the game sayers,
depressing nay sayers,
eating those words splitting us into two pieces,
time to pick up the pieces,
let go of this lie.


The unthinkable,
a long word,
a long day,
some say that you are the way,
the way out of the hey,
my heyday long gone,
should you shun the sun,
instead you go on the run,
bettering yourself threatened by the gun,
no longer any fun.

dead and afraid,
losing your ways,
trying to display,
better days,
ultimate fantasies, 
seemingly open catastrophes,
bunch of honey bees,
more like moneys,
pouring from the,

Joker: Movie Review

The Warner Bros Trailer for Joker


Highly anticipated and received to mixed reviews, Joker.

Released 2019 with a run time of 2 hours 2 minutes. Released 4th October 2019 UK. Directed by Todd Phillips. Gross Revenue of $1.074 billion.

Winner of 2 Academy Awards, 2 Golden Globe Awards and 3 British Academy Film Awards.

8.5 IMBD 68% Rotten Tomatoes

I watched Joker with my friend the Monday just passed. It was quite an insight into the mind of a psychopath, the Joker.

Acted and played out brilliantly by capable Joaquin Phoenix, and well supported, including by legend Robert De Niro. A somewhat slow paced crime thriller, bordering psychological thriller. The film certainly delivers the elements of a serial killer movie developing through emotional distress and being shunned by society.

I kept watching to see whether we would learn anything interesting about the Joker or his background. The only things we learn are that he had a crazy mother and that he’s magically middle aged whilst Bruce Wayne is a child? Come on, that is a major inconsistency….making Joker a pensioner in the Batman films….which he clearly was not, especially in The Dark Knight when portrayed by Heath Ledger.

He has a maniacal laugh, later suggested is not a medical condition, which I suspected, but is a part of his psychopathy. Treated badly as a child, raised and ignored and made a laughing stock of on national tv by his presenter hero De Niro. Of course, this sets in motion a series of events that unintentionally lead the Joker to creating a massive clown masked revolution without really doing much at all. Started by the killing of three men in suits in the subways. Small ideas are thrown into the public eye and they eat it up quick enough, quick to cause carnage…a great and accurate representation of the world today.

As a literal clown for a job, he is invited on a tv show to showcase some of his work. He has it all planned out, after committing a series of murders on former work colleagues. The whole time we can see his mental health deteriorate as he slowly loses his grip on reality. I couldn’t help but feel sorry for him, as he has had a terribly abusive past and was lied to and humiliated consistently from start to finish. I am not surprised he did what he did. That might be why critics were riled and mixed reviews/poor reviews about promoting violence came through.

The finale sees him on the show where he brutally murders, by shooting the tv host. His actions come after a rant about his previous murders of the suits. Here we see some movie magic but also a dangerous film mechanic. Suggesting that the societal mentally sick are somewhat righteous to go and kill the wealthier is absurd. When Joker shoots the host, of course that is the start of the riots and mass criminal activity. Thousands called on by this self entitlement that the Joker seems to display throughout.

An okay film, with brief but not overly detailed insight into the Jokers mind. Due to the themes and suggestive nature of the film and the violence associated with this, I have deducted half a star for the final rating.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

3 and a half stars. Not too bad, worth a watch, very controversial content surrounding mental health and the poor rich divide. Good luck watching this.


Cold landscapes,
desolate isolates,
can't find my way,
out of those wasted days,
treasured fates,
glorious remains,
of your ways.

Suppose finding a way,
would see you out of those dark days,
clawing at night,
lovers delight,
somewhere finding the right fright,
a day to lead you out of the night,

Journey to the end of the earth,
trip over the edge,
bleeding edge,
can't seem to escape your night,
a darkness shining so bright,
feeling your way out of the cave,
smelling the scent of better days,
all of your mind journey to come.

Forgotten and lost,
could not bare to hold the son's cross,
even the disciples considered you cross, 
much to revere under a lost...siren,
awaken days,
coming further away,
postulated negated exterior,
closing in,
found your escape,
on your journey. 

The Resistance…

Urquhart Castle – Loch Ness – Highlands of Scotlands.

The coldest wind,
the lightest touch,
they hold onto each other,
each other a rock,
and the breeze may freeze them
and they may fall,
but they all, have to adore,
the world they have created,
the world they have berated,
a soldier dawned into an apocalypse,
apocalypse so random,
those zombies can't stand up to,

A new location I have decided to add to my Work In Progress zombie apocalypse novel. Urquhart Castle, the site of the resistance…one site…the other is Appleby Castle, you may recall from a previous poem.


Floating into a dark tunnel,
light fading, sparking in my peripheral,
emphasis on the strange,
give me a moment to write another masterpiece,
latter day get away,
your spiral confusement,
befuddled euphoria,
swooping down on the night,
trying to take me without a fight.

A dead end,
the road was short,
abruptly stopped,
you never really knew me to begin with,
melancholic haunting texture,
fickle shape matter scattered,
space born wizards and black hole angels,
open the gates, the flood gates,
drown out the sorrows of the damned,
forgo all the pain we inflicted unto you,
oh, thou heavenly body.

Caught in the waters of time,
didn't take look inside,
brush against me I swipe it away,
fate played out how you expected it to,
a day away from the hurting pain,
suddenly at a loss,
so strong and now burned and lost,
ashes once risen have now all gone.

Electromagnetic pulse,
surging current across the...universe,
halted and afraid,
stronger than you have ever been,
freezing microbes and dastardly virus,
latch onto our metal pious...

Rising sun,
tell us what we have done,
help us understand the fun,
that you have given us.

Tell us what we have done,
maybe so that we addendum,
add on and mystify,
lost and glorious in the dark sky,
feeling all too high,
until you hit that ceiling,

a small piece...
of a puzzle...
my mind adrift...
losing faythe.