This Life ~ Grand Finale

This life, a curse so beautiful,
A handful of roses,
Whirling seas of fortune,
The end currents of time,
Your hopelessly surreal soul,
A crying new-born,
Elephant tusk on wall,
Earth globe seen from afar,
Tears running down your cheeks,
Falling off your feet,
This beautiful life.
As I breathe life into you,
Full blooming fields,
Rain through sunlight,
Night burn day,
Your hand on your heart,
Do it your way.
Each breathe a stone,
Cast to the seas,
Please let the suffering benign.
As I slowly drift away,
My mind latches onto the hallway, of memories,
Slipping passioned existence into the river,
As I lay dying.
Nothing to be frightened,
Was a mere dream,
Illusionary fantasy,
Waking from that slumber,
Crashing waves,
Screeching crows,
Watch it all go,
To the river.
This life,
A life so fragile,
A gifted surprise.
Hellish torment,
Nothing left to say,
They’ll never truly change their ways,
In this life.
Your life, my nightmare,
Seen the seeds planted deep from birth,
Grown adolescence,
Pained youth,
Traumatically boring life…
Passive existence,
In this life.
Even if you watch the sun rise over the mountains,
Or the moon dwindle behind cold lanterns,
You’ll never truly know,
This life,
This lie,
A weeping sorrowful existence,
Pained for you and I.
In this life,
This fight which seems to take all night,
Leaving you with nothing,
No ambition or delight,
Just a sagging wrinkled foresight.
Is this the end of heartache?
Is the way we seal our fate?
When darkness falls.
Grow old with dignity,
In this life,
Frail bones are scattered cosmic remains,
Remains of a day to be seen.
This fire burns, and embers rise…
Hold onto that light,
Your light so, so bright,
It could cast all the demons from your life,
Let the right one inside,
Take stead, look around,
Wake up in bed,
In this life.

“Insert inspirational quote,” she says.
“This Life.”
Resume transmission,
Temporary mission,
Through space and time,
Your heart becoming more kind,
Battling the entwined faith,
In your soul.
A turquoise ember,
Spilt sorrow on your chest,
An empty regret.
And who could of thought that all that existed,
And all that you felt and enjoyed,
All that will be and all that ever was…
Was just passing by.
Lucky to taste the salt air,
Lucky to feel the skin,
Lucky to hear the cries,
Fortunate enough to embrace the tides,
Crushing waves of yesterdays…mistakes.
Look up and spot the sun,
Absolutely fortunate enough to have done,
No amount of time can take that away,
No amount of disease or hurt can take that love from your life,
No amount of anger can make things…right.
This life,
Sorrowful existence,
Passioned existence,
Trillions of lightyears toward the blackhole,
Millions of light words towards your soul.
Open up and chase your dream,
Doesn’t really matter what it all means,
Because this life so faint,
Fleeting and merely spiralling out of control,
Is all you will ever know.
He holds her hands. “This life so beautiful, your face the glow of an angel.”
She reciprocates. “Your heart so courageous, strong enough to carry on.”
Day is winding down,
Setting sun,
Burned fun,
Left out…to dry.
Can’t keep running from,
Thousands of miles a day,
Looking in the mirror,
I’m calling it a day.
Thanks for reading. It is my hope that we can make something very unique, but it needs the help of all you fantastic readers.
I would like you to contribute some words about life toward this poem. I will post those comments below the writing. It is my aim to collage a lot of life perspectives to make this a grand finale piece.

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