Circle Eternal – We All Go To The Same Place

Circle eternal.

You know, one day, trillions of years in the future, long after the demise of the human race…their will be a long time of darkness. A degenerate era in the universe.

You know, after trillions of years, after the human race has long gone, we’ll enter the black hole era.

You know, once that is all done, for trillions of years, the black holes will disappear…one by one. Leaving everyone undone.

You know, I can bear to see the pain that stakes your eyes. 
I can tolerate the hurt you feel inside...
I can forgo the tears to see you all another day.
When the universe has done,
leaving all of us pretty much done,
I can wait till a thousand lifetimes has passed to see you all again.

Our sun will die out, we’ll all be left to freeze it out….

The world is now, the universe here….

how much more do you need?

A sacred heart,
a loving soul,
all torn between an eternal goal,
you foal, 
grown unshaven sheep,
licking everybody you bloody meet! 

We live on one dimension…three in fact. Horizontal, vertical and diagonal.

You say, “wow I don’t like math.” You should try….

Every level, 
every dimension,
surges of energy,
fleeting pulses,
extrapolate sources,
divergent currents. 

Trillions on trillions of lifetimes.

A trillion lifetimes,
to play a game,
so insane,
yet so ingrained,
in our souls.

We forget our needs,
surface the bad deeds,
sucked into evil fun,
because you have become,
unaware, sleeping, dozing....blind ignorant.  

“So, what does life mean then?”

“Why on earth dear boy, have you become so hung up on such fun?”

“What’s the answer?”

“Dear boy, you’ve only just begun, why don’t you just live your life in fun.”

Well versed in disgrace,
shoving aside Gods eternal embrace,
left aside waiting for someone to show you inside,

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