A dark walk.
My favourite.
Holding my candle tight.
As each foot embraces the night.

Every corner has its ghosts,
each narrow lane a demon host,
everyone forging their own way home,
everyone suppressing the old, soul. 

What are you becoming?
A rusting day undone.
The kings useless trusted, son.

I'm letting go,
have to become, 
all that you would regret,
sunken in that oil well of grit. 

Darkened knight,
golden sword of pure....
your chivalrous master,
a darkened walk home.

If you thought that wall was black,
I can guarantee you won't like the walk back.

Thick veins of black,
heart of smelted iron,
lackluster souls wandered motion. 

Heaven strength, 
God send,
your incurable disease, 
back the old way. 

It was a dark walk.
I had all night to observe the stars.
You had a lifetime to prepare your goodbye.

Words, needlessly lingering on suspense,
our gaze, enough to make anyone move out of the way,
the touch, of sheathed lust,
the days, burning into night,
life, hanging on suspense.

My candle drop,
lost a lot,
black stone block,
awaiting my knock.

Gone the walls of unforgiving...
enter the realm, 
aether angel,
moving well,
light rain,
dusts dance,
Ariel forgoing walk,
stars connected,
it all seems too disconnected.

See my dark walk,
sneer the tall guard,
hear peace so hard,
as you're guided....
that walk....

must appease,
there is so much more to see,
the wall is thin,
the veil thinner,
our energy supplied like devil dinner. 

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