“Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.” – Arthur C. Clarke

“We are an impossibility in an impossible universe.” – Ray Bradbury

Hello friends, nice to meet you.

…. . .-.. .-.. — / ..-. .-. .. . -. -.. … –..– -. .. -.-. . / – — / — . . – / -.– — ..- .-.-.-

A love so strong, 
breaking through all we did wrong, 
pleased to meet you, 
let's get along.


And in this dash, dot and line,
is an art so refined,
it bends the seas of time,

Your eyes,
like wines refined,
aged in cellar of time,
look out you unfazed mind.

Love weep like a rose,
seep like a pettle,
rise like the ashes.

silver liAR,
pendant sacrificer,
eternal loser. 

Take your love,
roll it into a rainy cloud,
and leave it out for the proud.

Your eyes,
like black candlelight in the night,
a sorcerers unkindly delight.

Your love,
as infinite as the universe,
as cold as the black expanse surrounding us.

Your lies,
could seep through gold,
melt our hearts,
wake us from our slumber.

It began with an empty shower,
it'll end with you all losing power,
sleepless night,
unending days,
you slither your way back inside. 

Even if it takes a lifetime,
you'll be waiting for me,
even if you can't see me crying,
you'll be singing for me,
and I'll be breaking those spaces,
awaiting to see all of your faces.

Matter moves,
love evolves,
are lives entwined in the stars?
as you try to latch onto who you are.

Don't break a sweat,
live life with no regrets,
don't forget,
who you want to be.

Love last a lifetime of a thousand beating hearts,
crumbled onto your paper plate,
all it would of taken,
would've been a thousand seconds more.

Pilot - "Passing Jupiter, little time left."
Control - "Abort mission, all is lost."
You'll see that sun rising over the canyons,
our eyes setting in the stone light,
as night begins to merge with day,
yet you are still so far away.

Heavenly realm,
high as the sky,
dreaming up human delights,
casting down many days of blight,
see that angel fly into the castle tonight.

Unknown - "Your earthbound souls are entering dangerous territory."
Pilot - "Mission control, permission received."

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